Our Products Include:

  • Hot Pies - Plain beef mince, Curry mince, Cheese & Bacon, Slow Cooked Red Wine & Pepper Steak , Slow Cooked Beef Stroganoff,  Slow Cooked Plain Steak, Potato Pie,  Egg & Bacon Breakfast Pie.

  • Sausage Rolls, Spinach & Ricotta Rolls 

  • Sourdough Breads on Saturdays

  • Slices

  • Pastries including Danish and Croissants

  • Tarts - Caramel & Walnut, Nutella, Pineapple, Neenish

  • Artisan Coffee & leaf tea- Organic Blend from 'Numero Uno Artisan Coffee Rosters'

  • Tea Buns - Caramel Tea Buns, Apple & Custard, Apple & Sultana

  • Scones

Our Seasonal Products Include:

  • Premium Hot Cross Buns -  Sultana & Spice, Choc-Chip

  • Premium 1kg Christmas Fruit Cake

  • Fruit Mince Tarts

  • DIY Gingerbread House Kits

Sourdough Saturdays

Every Saturday at JFB we sell Sourdough breads. Our range includes white, rye, multigrain, organic stoneground white, and fruit, seed & nut Sourdough loaves.

Our Sourdough breads are long fermented loafs. They are prepared using the artisan process of bread-making that uses a wild yeast starter. The process takes three days.

The starter, made of water and flour, contains naturally occurring yeast culture that causes the dough to rise and helps the gluten, as well as the phytic acid present in the grain, to properly break down. This process produces a more nutrient rich loaf that is easier to digest thus better for you.

The method we use to bake our Sourdoughs creates a softer crust making them easier to chew.